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The Trinity System

The Trinity Star System is a complex system of three stars in a galaxy far from Earth. Man arrived through a stable wormhole a little over 200 years ago. Humans share the system with three other species of intelligent life, and while they haven’t always gotten along, by this point in history nearly all the planets in the system have very mixed populations.


There are three main stars in the Trinity System
- Helios : The largest of the three stars. The Helios subsystem is where humans first colonized when they arrived.
- Hina : The middle star in size. The Hina subsystem is the native home of both the Xathian and Avari races.
- Mzia : The smallest of the three stars, Mzia orbits Helios at a greater distance than Hina. the Mzia subsystem is the home of the Drozathi.


The Trinity System is home to four alien species. Players can choose any of these species when they create their character. Your character’s species has no effect on stats in any way, but will be treated as an Aspect that has limited utility.
- Humans
- Xathians
- Avari
- Drozathi


First Drozathi War
Arrival of Man
Second Drozathi War
United Federation
Secession Wars


Solar Sails
HEIP Engines


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