Secession Wars

The United Federation; after 250 years of dominion over the Trinity System many people felt that it had grown old and weak. Many, especially the denizens of the Mzia Subsystem felt either oppressed or neglected by the Federation government. Even after the spread of humans and the later mixing of people across the system, Mzia still remained the home subsystem of the Drozathi people. The tension between Humans and Drozathi continued to grow, until one day, around 25 years ago, during a Unification Day celebration on Arnasis, a fight broke out between local Drozathi Militia and Federation troops.

While the small rebellion on Arnasis was quickly quelled, feelings of resentment against the Federation began to bubble up throughout the system.

The next major incident of the wars occurred on Kaladria, about 3-4 months later. A group of Human and Avari freedom fighters launched an attack on a Federation facility, destroying property but managing to kill no one. Over the next few weeks public support of the Federation waned on Kaladria, and the freedom fighters gained more and more support. Within a month of the first attack, Kaladria announced it was seceding from the United Federation.

This event sparked dozens of small uprisings throughout the system. While the Federation forces were able to quell many swiftly and violently, rebel groups continued to gain support, and eventually the Federation was spread too thin, and eventually lost.

After 5 years of fighting, representatives from each of the planets and moons of the Trinity System met on Kaladria to enact the Articles of Secession, officially ending the total dominion of the Federation. Many smaller unions of planets were formed, though some, like Kaladria, decided to remain untied to any of these unions.

Most of the planets in the Helios system remain loyal to the United Federation, but for the most part it’s control of the system is over.

Secession Wars

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